Bonrix API Banking - Paytm Current Account - Bulk Payment Solution -Bulk NEFT, IMPS Funds Transfer

Paytm Bulk Payment Solutions is desktop application for Bulk Disbursement Solutions. It is applicable for Digital Disbursements, Electronic Payments API for instant Fund transfer Via IMPS / NEFT. Bulk payment is applicable for salary Disbursements, commission Disbursements, refund Disbursements, payout Disbursements.

The Bulk payment desktop app is directly linked with yours Paytm current account using API Banking.

Herein this desktop app there is facility for uploading excel with account details - IFSC code and Bank Account number with amount to be transfer. these excel sheets would be processin real-time and status of each transaction will be maintain. After completion of bulk transfer result can be extracted using export to excel functionality.

Other API Banking Facility includes

1. Realtime API Access to Current account Statement

2. Realtime Notification of inward transaction to current account.

3. Bhim QR-code inwards payment notification via API

4. Bulk Payment for automation.

Bonrix B2C Recharge with YES Bank UPI Payment Gateway Integration

Yes Bank UPI / Payment Gateway / Scan QRCODE Than Enter Amount And Transaction ID.Easy Pay Amount/ With Bank UPI ID Withdraw amount From Bank

ICICI QR Code Payment Collection by Web

ICICI QR Code UPI Payment Collection By Android

ICICI QR Code UPI Payment Collection By Android - via UPI Application

User/Retailer Wise QR Code

Shopping Process in Open Recharge B2C APP

Recharge Process in Open Recharge B2C APP

Quick Recharge Web For Open Recharge B2C